About the Coast Adapt Project

CoastAdapt was a three-year project aimed to safeguard people living in North Atlantic coastal communities and help them adapt to the impacts of climate change. Five pilot study sites in Iceland, Norway, Ireland and Scotland were identified to determine the issues experienced by local communities.

Welcome to CoastAdapt

When it comes to global climate change, coastal communities are on the front line. Rising sea level, rising temperatures, changes in snow, sleet and rain, and changing storm patterns pose serious threats to the environment, economy and social well-being of coastal communities. CoastAdapt was a transnational project that ran from 2009-2012 and was funded under the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP); part of the EU European Regional Development Fund. Its main aim was to help coastal communities adapt to these changes. Using case studies in Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Ireland, the project is engaged with local stakeholders in sharing experiences and information throughout the region.